Uncovering the heritage and history of Little Italy

LittleItalyBook_BGOn Saturday, July 11, the Southeast Anchor Library will host a Q&A with local writer Suzanna Molino about her book “Baltimore’s Little Italy: History and Heritage of the Neighborhood.”

The book details the prevailing Italian community in Baltimore and how Little Italy has become a cultural microcosm full of interesting and unique people who are keeping their traditions alive.

The book is filled with interviews, anecdotes, photographs, and of course, recipes for delicious food.

Molino compiled the book through intense research, delving into decades of history and information. She used old newspaper articles and interviewed members of the Little Italy community. 

“When I walk down the streets of Little Italy now I can’t help but think of what it looked like then and how different the neighborhoods are,” said Molino.

Her favorite was a series of interviews from 1979 which featured seniors who were living in Little Italy as far back as the 1920s. 

“It was immeasurable because it allowed me to go back further than I ever could. It let me look into a time that would’ve been impossible,” she said. 

Molino founded the Promotion Center of Little Italy, a non-profit, in 2010 and has since provided resources for anybody curious about Baltimore’s own little and authentic slice of Italy.

The Southeast Anchor Library is located at 3601 Eastern Avenue. The Q&A will begin at 2:30 p.m. For more information on Molino or the Promotion Center for Little Italy visit www.promotioncenterforlittleitaly.org.

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