Yellowed Pages: November 1987

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A headline in the Nov. 5, 1987, Baltimore Guide reads: “Survey Shows Handguns Rampant In Baltimore Schools With Many Students Threatened Or Robbed.”

The article goes on to say, “Of 390 high school students surveyed across the city, 60 percent said they knew someone that had been threatened, robbed, or even shot on school grounds with a handgun within the last six months.” The article also says that 52 percent of the male students surveyed said they had carried a gun to school at some point. School officials reported that there were 45 incidents involving handguns in city schools during the 1986-1987 school year.

“City officials suggest the results of the survey may be out of proportion, but they acknowledge that handguns are a problem in many high schools,” the article says.

The Nov. 5 issue also reports that Kurt Schmoke became the city’s first black mayor after he “rolled over Republican Sam Culotta, taking more than 78 percent of the vote,” and that Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke became Council President after defeating Councilman David Blumberg with nearly 90 percent of the vote.

A Letter to the Editor in the Nov. 12, 1987, Baltimore Guide attempts to predict the future: “The thought about all this is to ponder who will be the first woman or black person as our president? It could very well happen before this century is out. Great presidents come in 72 year cycles. Washington in 1789, Lincoln in 1861, and F.D.R. in 1933.

“The next great president isn’t due until 2005, that’s 18 years from now, but the cycle may hopefully be broken, because of the way women and blacks are coming along in fast strides, in Congress, the Senate, as mayors, governors, and also many appointees to the presidential staff.

“Our city wide election is over. We have our first elected black mayor, let’s all wish him the best, and work with him all the way.

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